As per my conversation with my manager, he told me that they are working now with joint tester very smoothly, he is very well satisfied now with what they have accomplished especially when the modification was done to the joint tester. Joint tester, pump and control panels are working properly with good performance that is why he assured the if there will be another chance for him to be assigned or GRP work will be part of the our next  project,he will recommended absolutely your product for our testing. In general, Joint Tester has passed on our quality for testing, just keep up the good work and we hope that we can continue this on our future projects.

Best regards,

Marlon Lustre
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.


Thanks so much for the service! I've used a lot of plugs the last 10 years & you guys are by far the best!

Don R. McDowell
Southwest Environmental Testing, Inc.


974 Joint Tests. We are testing 17,000 feet of pipe with this unit. Its perfect. I should have bought it not rented it!!!

Joe Clifford
Field Rep.
LC Unlimited LLC.


We liked your product so much we now require another one! I need a purchase price for a Flow Diverter set up for an 18" pipe going to a 15" pipe.

Thank you for your time.

Keith Frisbey
Sr. Project Engineer
The Delaney Group (Now TetraTech)


I own Plug-It Products plugs and joint testers from 8" up thru 108" With todays odd ID pipes, the Plug-It Products Multi-Size joint testers are the only products that will fit the pipe and roll past allowable deflection, saving my crews time as they do not have to dis-assemble the joint tester to get thru the pipe. Why buy a Yugo when a Cadillac is available?

Kevin Majors
D.W. Majors and Son Pipe Testing


We received the 84" Joint Tester on Wednesday April 20, 2005 and completed our testing on Friday April 22, 2005. Your equipment worked great and really saved us the effort of testing the entire pipe system. The Owner witnessed every joint test and was pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for all your help on this project!

Chris Boda
J.F. Ahern Co.


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